Man in Palace wishes to thank the following human beings for their help in making Palace Prayers possible:

All of the people who checked Palace Prayers everyday and did not, or did, leave feedback. Just as fresh fruit has more of an impact on ones body than tinned fruit, so these pages will always be more alive to those people who were regularly checking the website at the time of its magic, witnessing (as Man in Palace himself was) new works of art literally being born, day by day.

Ambassador Said T. Jawad for his generosity
Raficq Abdulla MBE for his creative friendship
Hayatullah Mesdaq for his hospitality and Pashtunwali
Ana D. Dueñas for her hospitality, friendship and patience
Bahauddin Kylberg for his generosity towards an unknown brother
Sophia Qureshi for her positivity, support, encouragement and friendship
Nadia Khan for inspiring Man in Palace to repeat a Ramadhan project
Ishmael Butler for reminding Man in Palace of the benefits of anonymity, and for being who he is
Victor Ramos aka Victrola for the beat that kicked my drum on day 22
Suzanne Cohen, Osmaan Minhas & Christopher Reiger for helping spread the word
Joseph Meyer, Ayla Karmali, Parisa Aminolahi & Asma Uddin for their appreciation and support
Monica Villiavicencio & Arwa Gunja, two talented radio producers who helped spread the word across the nation, simply and purely because they enjoyed the art works

Man in Palace also wishes to voice publicly his eternal and unending servitude and gratitude to God, almighty and all-Merciful; He Who saved Man in Palace from the mighty Ocean, and gave him another chance at living and beautifying this Earthen world

For all that is and all that will be, tomorrow

Peace to all,
Man in Palaces

Continue the year in Elegance

Man in Palace: "Continue the year in Elegance"


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